Why Supply Chain Applications with Automated Location Technology is important for your business

Supply chain operations involve moving high volumes of goods from city to city across the globe. In the process, they risk disruptions that can affect efficiency and timely delivery. It is imperative for stakeholders to be aware of events in all locations in real-time to be on top of the game. However, this is easier said than done. It is quite impossible for suppliers, warehouse managers and transportation carriers to be aware of every risk and disruption across the network.

This is why smart, experienced logistics and warehousing companies such as WTG employ the latest technology. We are aware that intelligent software applications compliment human performance to strengthen service in innumerable ways.

Why Supply Chain Applications with Automated Location Technology is important for your business

6 Advantages of Location Technology

Supply chain applications that are integrated with automated location technology allows several advantages that help stakeholders get the complete picture, prevent and dispel disruptions.

Boosts Operations in Real Time: From keeping an eye on real-time status to receiving alerts and important notifications, location technology boosts operations in an ethical, sustainable way.

Improves Supply Chain Visibility: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, barcodes and scanners help reduce errors substantially by allowing easy tracking on inventory in all locations. Mobile-friendly software lets business owners organize, monitor and manage all aspects of the supply chain, even on-the-go. You save time on compiling data, shipping, receiving, tracking and creating customized auto-generated reports with ease and greater transparency.

Improves Business Relationships: Increased efficiency and visibility along with more control on monitoring inventory helps you gain trust and strengthen relationships with both customers and suppliers, giving you the competitive edge.

Simplify and Optimize Operations: The bigger your supply chain network, the more prone to errors and delay they are. In-memory computing in supply chain software identifies and mitigates big problems with ease in the least time. The application minimizes potential risks and reduces costs. For instance, you can foresee unpredictable events such as natural disasters and proceed with safer alternative routes.

High Accuracy, Low Costs: More holistic, location aware logistics applications include warehouse management system (WMS), yard management, transportation management (TMS) and dock scheduling, all of which provide high accuracy. At the same time, you reduce operating costs by preventing potential disruptions in work flow and delivery. In the long run, you build your company’s reputation and race ahead of your competitors.

Increase Customer Communication: Automated location technology helps you get access to actionable information in real-time. For instance, you have access to an FSL location map, can track support personnel, track locations that are nearest to your customer and use social media to communicate with customers. It is easy to report delays, provide automated weather updates or information about inventory, enhancing the company’s image and reputation in little time.

Supply Chain Applications with Location Technology at WTG

WTG offers innovative, advanced supply chain applications with intelligent location technology to give you the competitive edge while keeping costs low. We offer ethical, reliable logistics and warehousing services in North America and the global supply chain. Check out our website to learn more.