We have Your Back!

Connectivity, partnership, and collaboration are key to managing the volatility of our current supply chains.

We all need to pitch in to help each other to push our businesses and our economy forward.  Current challenges at Port of Montreal may be causing you delays, you may be looking for warehousing space, trying to divert cargo or expedite your shipment across Canada. WTG is providing more container diversion services across Canada. We can expedite anything you require, and we provide supply solutions when you really need help.

Best Practices for Warehouse Operations During COVID-19

Combined with our logistics expertise, we are also able to service your needs in French, Spanish and Vietnamese.

If you need extra help, call us.

Ryan Burrowes, President, Cell: +1 (905) 805-3135, email: rburrowes@warehousetransport.ca

Bill Organ, Director Freight Forwarding, Cell: +1 (902) 220-3797, email: bill@warehousetransport.ca

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