Trucking and transportation are at the heart of every successful economy. In North America, where distances are vast and weather conditions are unpredictable, it is important for goods to be transported with utmost care in the hands of expert drivers. Nearly 70% of all freight carried across North America is transported on trucks.

WTG’s reliable carriers are reputed as specialists in North America. We offer a high-quality, temperature-controlled carrier fleet of over 60,000, vehicles steered by expert drivers to ensure quick and careful delivery through all kinds of weather conditions. Small wonder why we have earned the reputation of being one of the largest, fastest and most reliable in the North American logistics industry.

Despite our investment in quality, we are conscious about cost-effective solutions for our clients. We streamline business budgets to complement your overhead cost per item. As a result, you can save more, sell more units with the money you save and invest your funds into growing your business. We are well aware that when you grow, WTG does too.

We provide a personalized account manager for you to work with and provide real-time tracking and POD’s. Even at short notice, our team is pleased to assist you at odd hours. Whether you require a spot quote, shipment of large or small volumes of goods, we are here to serve your needs. In the event of custom delays, troubleshooting or any concerns, just get in touch with your personalized account manager and things will promptly get back on track again.

Together, we ensure that your trucking and transportation needs ensure smooth operations on a daily basis.

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Dedicated Customer Service

The highest standards of customer service are at the core of WTG’s mission. We operate round-the-clock, 365 days a year. Our specialized freight forwarding partners are located at all major Canadian ports to ensure our clients enjoy full-support services.

Eco-Friendly and High Standards of Hygiene

At WTG, we feel a deep sense of responsibility towards our planet and society. Even before COVID19 impacted the world, we have been conscious about helping our clients make eco-friendly decisions to minimize CO2 emissions, oil spills, air and water pollution.

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We offer North American transportation ftl and ltl programs , along with spot quotes . Our carrier group is truly second none, combining on-time pick ups and deliveries with aggressive pricing .