Managing Transportation and Shipping in the COVID19 Outbreak

The COVID19 pandemic and consequent social distancing across geographies is an unexpected situation that has adversely impacted the economy in unprecedented ways. Travel disruptions, delay in production, and delivery has slowed down operational efficiency in the transportation and logistics industry as well, since it is heavily dependent on economic stability.

Take essential items such as healthcare products for instance. On one hand, the demand for face masks, gloves, and medical products have increased sharply even though transportation is restricted and workers are required to work from home. Similarly, the demand for food and groceries have surged while distribution and restaurant services have y decreased. When the supply chain is affected, it can take months to recover potential losses.

This is where an experienced business scores over inexperienced ones. At WTG, our long years of experience has taught us how to tide over challenges without inconveniencing our customers, carrier partners or employees. Through COVID19, we have shifted our focus on crisis management with careful preparation, planning and response strategies that are built on safety first.

Have a look at how WTG has skillfully managed transportation logistics and warehousing through these difficult times.

Best Practices for Warehouse Operations During COVID-19

Worker Safety

WTG follows the recommended protocols to mitigate risks during crew changes to contain the spread of the virus. Our revised initiatives include allowing our crew to spend more time with their family, addressing health concerns with frequent updates and proper health care coverages. Employees are encouraged to continue their services from home until further notice by the local government.

Hygiene Protocols

We practice strict protocols for workers and partners while transporting freight and in our warehouse with increased used of disinfectants, sanitizers and soaps. Social distancing measures are carefully followed while loading and unloading, observing no-touch policies.

Enhanced Communication

We firmly believe that clear communication strategies are key to success. We have upgraded communication with our fleet in real time, offering frequent port updates, safety measures and healthcare bulletins, both during work hours on ship as well as after hours through online messaging. Cyber security is of prime importance. We take initiatives to enable safe communication at all times.

Remote Audits

Travel restrictions across the world has led to delayed inspections, surveys and onboard audits. As a result, we conduct internal audits remotely through video calls while senior officers on-board monitor the proceedings while shipping.

Reducing Product Shortage

Although additional volumes are required for essential items, the disruption in supply chain services has led to delays in delivery. Our focus is to ensure safety above all else at this time to reduce the risk of spreading the infection, even as we attempt to reduce product shortages in stores by collaborating with our carriers.

Isolation Protocols

We work proactively with local and global government authorities to deliver uninterrupted services in the best interests of our stakeholders, carriers and customers following isolation protocols outlined by Health Canada, WHO and CDC.

As we slowly adjust to the “new normal”, WTG continues to evolve supply chain strategies to cushion your business and continue to give you the competitive edge. If you are looking for reliable transportation and logistics experts, please call us.