Construction / Oil & Gas

Construction / Oil & Gas

A reliable logistics system is extremely important for the construction, oil and gas industries where multiple modes of transportation are required to transfer valuable raw materials, hazardous and fragile equipment, safely and efficiently. It is equally important for these industries to relocate workforce personnel on time between worksites, many of which are located in remote areas.

Across North America where distances are vast, high quality vehicles and experienced drivers are key to ensure safety. An inexperienced, semi-automated workforce in these matters can increase the risk of damage and lead to unnecessary high expenses in operational costs for the businesses.

WTG has a proven track record in delivering goods and people in the construction, oil and gas industries. From the choice of airports to truck routes and staff roster schedules, we simplify complex logistics for you at nominal costs. Our high technical expertise minimizes the risk of errors and inefficiencies so employees spend less time in transit and more time focussed on the task at hand.

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Dedicated Customer Service

The highest standards of customer service are at the core of WTG’s mission. We operate round-the-clock, 365 days a year. Our specialized freight forwarding partners are located at all major Canadian ports to ensure our clients enjoy full-support services.

Eco-Friendly and High Standards of Hygiene

At WTG, we feel a deep sense of responsibility towards our planet and society. Even before COVID19 impacted the world, we have been conscious about helping our clients make eco-friendly decisions to minimize CO2 emissions, oil spills, air and water pollution.

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We offer North American transportation ftl and ltl programs , along with spot quotes . Our carrier group is truly second none, combining on-time pick ups and deliveries with aggressive pricing .