Check Out the Exciting Logistics Trends in 2020


With the advent of social distancing rules following COVID19, and increased online sales in a wide variety of product categories in 2020, there are millions of packages being delivered across North America every single day, more than ever.

This also means more pressure to deliver goods faster as consumers demand timely delivery of online purchases. 2020 logistics trends include attempts to deliver goods as soon as possible, and ensure that fragile, oversized, and high-value items reach safely without incurring the slightest damage, if they have to sustain successfully.

As a result, the industry is continuously pushing its boundaries in technological innovations to keep the economy running smoothly. The growing volume in trade encourages a large number of players to compete with each other to offer the best value. See what you can expect in 2020, so you are better prepared.

Check Out the Exciting Logistics Trends in 2020

AI Chatbots: Artificial Intelligence is being developed at breakneck speed to ease end-to-end operations. AI is especially useful for 24/7 customer service as human labour slows down. Chatbots offer efficient, friendly and insightful engagement to ensure every website visitor has their concerns addressed in real time. Just like Siri, Google and Alexa are household names now, online chatbots are the industry norm in the logistics world, assisting customers with accurate information to simplify operations.

Digital Tracking Systems: The days of waiting and wondering about a package are history. In place, carriers are investing in real-time state-of-the-art GPS tracking systems for up-to-the-minute visibility, alleviating many concerns and mismanagement. Package tracking offers transparency, bridges the gap between the sender, receiver and the logistics company and ensures that packages arrives on the same day if required. The customer feels cared for and the company ensures that they remain loyal advocates of their services.

Competitive Pricing: As e-commerce rises due to COVID-19, and more companies invest in digital services, the logistics industry has not only become competitive in 2020 but operation costs are also reducing by the day. Industry experts are expecting to see better pricing this year in the logistics, warehousing and transportation sector compete with each other to grab bigger market shares.

Cost-Cutting: When the economy stutters, cost-cutting becomes the norm. Decrease in workforce wages has begun to hit the logistics industry, just as it affects others. This can adversely affect smaller businesses as they cut staff wages, employ lower numbers in workforce, outsource more or shut shop due in the worst cases. To be sustainable, corporations are expected to accept lower pricing in shipment and carrier rates.

Eco-Friendly and Safer Transportation: On the bright side, state and federal regulations are enforcing the transportation industry to offer more eco-friendly options to reduce environmental impact. The Department of Transportation in the U.S. is introducing laws to ensure greater safety such as making it mandatory for trucking companies to invest in Electronic Logging Device (ELD). However, integrating more technology also means increased costs for operators, and consequently higher costs for customers. Lower prices and higher operational costs may lead to several challenges. In the end, smart, experienced, tech-savvy businesses are predicted to win the odds.

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