Build a strong foundation for Canadian manufacturing sector for long-term sustainability

A recent report released by Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters in June 2020 said the global pandemic, Covid-19, has urged all industry leaders to rethink & reinvent in innovation & capabilities to reshape Canadian economic landscape & future growth in coming years.

As a response to a global crisis and a future prosperity, the strategies outlined in “Manufacturing Our Future” is a starting point and a framework for manufacturers & exporters to build a strong foundation, drive Canadian economy with innovation, resilience.

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A three-phase strategy for Canadian manufacturing for long-term prosperity

“Manufacturing our Future”, a strategy booklet, highlights three phases needed for Canadian manufacturers to strive and thrive strongly in the post-Covid-19.



  1. Leverage the government wage subsidy and the commercial rent subsidy as well as local & provincial support programs.
  2. Adopt a fast process for companies who were unable to access relief programs.
  3. Stimulate consumer spending through national campaigns such as “Cash for Clunkers” & tax credit programs as well as a three-month sales tax holiday.



  1. Build and accelerate a “Made-in-Canada” campaign to boost sales of local-made goods, not only at home but also abroad.
  2. Raise infrastructure spending and take opportunities of government procurement based on total economic value to Canada, not only price competition.
  3. Motivate business investment by investment support programs and grant funding.



  1. Improve Canada’s global ranking in investment competitiveness by reducing the cost of doing business.
  2. Deploy a development strategy with extra added values on natural resources.
  3. Enhance the development, production, and commercialization of new health care technologies through procurement.
  4. Adjust policies that support SME exporting activities in international markets.
  5. Develop a full map of Canadian manufacturing capabilities.
  6. Strengthen North American manufacturing industries by implementing Canada – United States – Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) in July 1st, 2020.


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