About Us

Mission Statement

The Warehouse Transport Group (WTG) was founded by Ryan Burrowes whose passion lies in providing high integrity solutions in warehousing, logistics and transportation (air, ocean and truck).

WTG’s value-driven services to companies of all sizes has been instrumental in its rapid growth. Year after year, WTG has been recognized as one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Transportation Companies. WTG continues to push its boundaries and soar as a fully bonded transportation and 3PL provider of North American over-the-road, inter modal LTL and FTL solutions.

A Leading Transportation Provider in North America for over 100 Years

Our Company

Transportation and logistics form the backbone of a nation’s economy. Warehouse Transport Group (WTG) is a full-service logistics provider covering all services in the supply chain under one roof from transportation, warehousing, transloading, ocean and airfreight to expedited drayage to maximize convenience and minimize delay.

As an industry leader in North America, WTG runs business with high ethics, trust and sustainability. Our team of experts excel in transporting shipment of all sizes safely throughout North America and international destinations.

Whether it’s an online purchase, delivery of fragile products, or large bulk orders, we offer over-the-road TL and TL, intermodal across the continent, ocean/air transport, emergency, and expedited services.

From start to finish, our collaborations with carrier partners help you streamline operations with the added advantages of electronic tracking and assistance in customs clearance.

We offer a range of warehousing and transloading services for time-sensitive shipments, cargo transfer, and temporary storage to a variety of clients. Whatever service you invest with us, we assure the highest industry standards with safety as a top priority.

Since the time we started, we have been making concerted efforts in developing our technology and expanding our global network so you enjoy coordinated, custom logistics and delivery on schedule, no matter which part of the world you are collaborating with.

Browse through these pages to get an idea of our full scale of services. If you are unsure about your requirements or are looking for full supply chain management, give us a call for a consultation.


Why Choose us

Dedicated Customer Service

The highest standards of customer service are at the core of WTG’s mission. We operate round-the-clock, 365 days a year. Our specialized freight forwarding partners are located at all major Canadian ports to ensure our clients enjoy full-support services.

Our continuous efforts at upgrading technological solutions to provide the best services is evident in our founder’s vision. In 2017, WTG combined 3PL and warehousing solutions by collaborating with the enterprising Paul Mcnally to implement a higher standard of service across North America and the global supply chain world.

Eco-Friendly and High Standards of Hygiene

At WTG, we feel a deep sense of responsibility towards our planet and society. Even before COVID19 impacted the world, we have been conscious about helping our clients make eco-friendly decisions to minimize CO2 emissions, oil spills, air and water pollution.

We observe the highest standards of hygiene in our warehouses. Our mission includes staff health and helping our clients make transportation logistics decisions based on the best environmentally-friendly route.

Call us to collaborate. We look forward to being a part of your North American and Global logistics network.

Our Staff

Ryan Burrowes

CEO – Warehouse Transport Group

Veronica Burrowes

Vice President of Retail & E-Commerce
at Warehouse Transportation Group

Bill Organ

Director of Freight Forwarding
at Warehouse Transportation Group

Allen Joseph

at Warehouse Transportation Group

Ryan Burrowes

CEO – Warehouse Transport Group