5 Ways to Reduce Warehouse Energy Costs

Warehouse productivity is largely dependent on energy consumption. The more spacious the facility, the more energy is required for uniform heating and cooling. As a result, energy costs can run higher than expected. In places of extreme weather conditions, efficient heating and cooling are imperative to keep products in good condition for long periods. Large warehouses also require more labour, larger machinery, and electrical appliances, leading to higher energy consumption.

Below are a few ways warehouses can cut down operation costs while increasing productivity at the same time:

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Sunlight and Automated Lights

One way to dramatically cut down costs is by harvesting natural sunlight and installing automated lighting off. A naturally lit warehouse not only saves you money but will also be less musty and protect storage products better. If a warehouse has large windows or a skylight, you know you are in good hands. Good warehouse management includes turning off the lights upon leaving or installing automated lighting shutoff to save energy and operational costs.

Temperature Regulated Zones

Unplug electrical appliances when they are not in use, use variable frequency drives (VFD) in refrigeration that adjusts energy for different applications, optimize energy with multiple environmental zones to store different food items without spoilage, and install automated faucets and dual-flush toilet systems in the bathrooms.

Updated HVAC

A well-insulated warehouse with roof material that prevents overheating goes a long way in cutting down energy costs. Many warehouses use aging equipment that use a lot of energy but run low on efficiency. Make sure your storage facility is updated with state-of-the art equipment and energy-efficient HVAC. The appliances must be cleaned and inspected regularly. Malfunctioning equipment must be repaired or updated at once. Untimely repair is not only a health and safety risk for warehouse staff but can also damage storage items.

Optimized Storage Space

Less space costs less. Energy-efficiency audits are important to maximize productivity. Smartly designed warehouses optimize space in a limited area. Long, narrow aisles, a variety of forklifts, and racking that aligns with the product dimensions help in easy loading, storage, and delivery. Make every square footage is well optimized with a variety of storage containers, carts, boxes, totes, and pallets. Well-stored and packaged goods in reliable warehouses with 24-hour state-of-the-art security systems prevent financial loss from misplacement, theft, and stock damage.

High-Quality Containers

High-quality containers and used containers can save you a lot of money. Reuse pallets, totes, carts, boxes and wire baskets bought from reliable sources can last years in good condition, and cut down costs in the long run. Just make sure the used equipment is well cleaned and sanitized.

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