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Strategic Locations

In recent days, both international and local shippers have paid attention to the strategic movement of the East Coast of Canada, offering a significant reduction in cost and transportation time to reach the Central of Canada and the Midwest North American markets. It’s not surprising to know that two deepwater ports including Port of Saint John, New Brunswick in and Port of Halifax, Nova Scotia have been in big expansion plan with a huge investment of $205 million and $47.5 million respectively to increase their capability, competencies as well as remain their position as international deepwater gateways. This intensive development integrated with strategic partnerships with CP Rail and CN rail offers North American exporters/ importers class A road & rail system, faster connection to central North America in 48 hours, and to midwest North America in 72 hours. Another partnership with DP World Saint John and PSA Halifax allows producers and manufacturers to utilize world-class supply chain partners. Warehouse Transport Group also made a strategic investment in the Halifax-based office led by Karen Oldfield, former CEO and President of Halifax Port Authority to serve customers with freight demand from Ontario to the East Coast. We are also very delighted to serve new clients to move freight from the East Coast to many destinations across Canada and international markets.
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Digital Transformation

One strategic decision made by the EU, the electronic freight transport information (eFTI), will be effective by August 2024 is the future of supply chain digitalization. This regulation is applicable to all types of transport, helping transportation policymakers, and players to standardize their system, process, a significant decrease in time and cost. The European Commission forecasted that implementation of eFTI will save the EU transportation operators up to EUR 27 billion over the next two decades by using digital forms to reduce administration documents.
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Market Diversification

In addition, a series of webinars from the Toronto Regional Board of Trade with industry experts has led manufacturers & exporters to go through opportunities in international markets such as Asia Pacific, South America, and many. Moreover, the Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) has delivered professional training to exporters to be well-prepared before conquering new markets.

Currently, over 80 percent of companies review their supply chain globally.

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